Treatment for Long Covid Patients Bad Bocklet

Plus overnight stay

Around one million people in our country are affected by the long-term effects of Covid-19 disease and are fighting eg B. with exhaustion and pain as a result of the – sometimes unnoticed – infection. Our western medicine is reaching its limits here and has not yet been able to present any convincing concepts for treatment. Ayurvedic medicine offers good opportunities here in particular, because it approaches the symptoms with an interdisciplinary approach and personalized individual medicine. As the only center in Germany, the Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda Center has therefore developed a new concept especially for long-COVID patients. In 2 to 3 week treatments we deal with your symptoms holistically.

Ayurveda nutritionist and cookbook author Agatha Heim, in cooperation with our Ayurveda specialists, has created a special nutritional concept for you. Its continuous further development is based on many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge in Ayurvedic physiology.

 *Please note that there are no doctor consultations on  Saturdays.

Those with private health insurance and those entitled to benefits can apply for the cost of long-Covid treatment to be covered.



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