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Ayurveda Deutschland

Panchakarma Cure


The supreme discipline of Ayurveda is called “Panchakarma”, a deep-reaching detoxication-, cleansing- and regeneration-process, which is lead and accompanied by an experienced Ayurveda-specialist who plans and monitors the measures according to your individual dosha-type.

1 x Ayurvedic diagnosis, type determination, personal health questionnaire with recommendation of individual therapies, type-specific diet and lifestyle change

13 x personal single-consultation with our Ayurveda-specialists. We adapt your treatment-setting according to your individual needs every day.

13 x full-body synchronized treatment according to your personal symptoms (approx. 50 min.)

13 x Padabhyanga (ayurvedic foot massage) or Svedana (herbal steambath) or Mukabhyanga (face-massage with package)

Your prescribed natural medication is administered daily as dietary supplements.

Yoga under instruction (about 50 minutes)

Treatments according to your dosha-type and symptomatical condition, for example:

  • Full-body synchronized treatment (approx. 50 min.)
  • Vashty (cleansing and nourishing bowel treatment)
  • Nasyam (paranasal sinus treatment, combined with head and facial massage)
  • Podikkizhy (thermal treatment with herbal stamps)

Our Ayurveda specialists reserve the right to vary individual measures according to type and necessities without reducing the scope of services.

(plus overnight stay)

Arrival and departure are possible at any day of the week, as well as an extension of your residence. Daily rate (at least 150 minutes treatment time) up to 7 days € 189,- from the 8th day € 179,-

Billing for medical and therapeutic services according to GOÄ is possible for private insured persons. We issue a certificate for the aid authority, as an additional offer for civil servants.



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