Ayurveda Daily Package Deal

(plus overnight stay)

In addition to our Ayurveda treatment packages Panchakarma, Rasayana regeneration treatment and Lakshmi fountain of youth, we design your own personal Ayurveda therapy with regard to your constitutional type, your nutritional needs, your physical and mental fitness, your current life phase/situation and the desired length of your stay.

Vatha, Pittha or Kapha: Our external appearance, the functionality of our organs and our mental and spiritual constitution are forms of expression and results of our dosha type and balance. During the initial consultation, our Ayurveda specialists will examine you in detail. Ayurvedic diagnostics sees, among other things, an analysis of the eyes (iris) and the tongue as well as a pulse check.

Every day there is a detailed coordination of your nutritional plan for each guest individually between the kitchen team at Kunzmann’s Kulinarik – with cooks specially trained in Ayurvedic food preparation – and our Ayurveda specialists. The selection of ingredients is always regional, seasonal and is subject to Ayurvedic quality controls.

Therapeutic yoga brings body and mind into harmony. The different asanas (exercises) serve to optimally align the musculoskeletal system, stimulate organ functions, blood and lymphatic circulation and promote mobility. In addition, yoga enables awareness-raising – in combination with meditation, a real benefit for a restless nervous system. Pranayamas (breathing exercises) are essential components in harmonizing the doshas.

We consider your mental constitution, your social environment, you as a person in its entirety and in its development, in every phase of life:

For a happy, relaxed and healthy pregnancy and the best possible birth, there is a lot of wonderful support in Ayurveda. From special advice on the lifestyle of pregnant women, pregnancy yoga and breathing exercises (Pranayama), forehead showers, special full-body massages, to muscle relaxation, face packs and improvement of digestion. In addition, it is important for the mother after the birth to regain hormonal balance, gather strength and support the recovery. Gentle special massages help the baby to awaken all their senses.

For women who want natural help during menopause and reject conventional medical hormone therapy, we, as representatives of traditional Indian and holistic Ayurveda medicine, offer an effective supplement or even a replacement for conventional medical forms of therapy – free of side effects, self-determined and so that the responsibility for your body stays with you! Depending on the type of constitution, different symptoms can occur, which is why we create our treatment plans for you individually.

Even if you’re still in the prime of life, you might want to give something back to your parents right now in the form of a wonderful gift. They have achieved a lot in their work and family, and a long path of dedicated life with ups and downs lies behind them. Now it is time for regeneration and recovery. We tailor Ayurvedic therapy plans specifically and individually to the needs of seniors.

Catch new breath with pranayama breathing exercises. Carefully selected treatments allow you to relax deeply and activate your strength.

Every guest is in medical-therapeutic contact for approx. 150 minutes per day.

The final decision on the treatment options is made by the Ayurveda specialist/the Ayurveda specialist in coordination with the patient and taking into account the respective personal requirements.

You can extend your Ayurveda treatment at any time.

Billing of medical and therapeutic services according to GOÄ is possible from a treatment duration of 6 days for privately insured persons. In addition, expenses for Ayurveda treatments are tax deductible under certain circumstances as extraordinary expenses.


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