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Ayurveda Deutschland

Ayurveda senior indulgence and activation package

10 Treatment Days / 1.650,- Euro

You are looking back on many years of dedicated work and have always done the best in order to fulfill all requirements of work and family life. You have made many efforts to reach your goals. Now it is time to spoil yourself with regeneration and recovery, in order to start powerfull into a new stage of life in a refreshed way, full of health and beauty. Even if you are still in the prime of your life, perhaps now it is time to give something back to your parents, in the form of a wonderful present. It doesn’t always have to be a cruise holiday! Our ayurvedic senior indulgence and activation package with 10 treatment days is especially tailored for seniors and their requirements.

Drawing new breath with Pranayama-breathing exercises, deeply relaxing with Shirodhara, the incomparable „Stirnölguss“ and activating your power with Abhyanga, the syncronous massage which stimulates all 107 marma-energy points and wakes up your life spirits.

1 x Ayurvedic diagnosis, dosha-type identification, discussing the individual health information chart with advice on individual treatments, dosha-type-matching dietary recommendations and life-style changes;

Daily personal consultation with the ayurveda-specialist. Your treatment-setting will also be adapted daily, according to your needs and requirements;

10 x full-body treatment, according to your individual dosha-type (50 min.);

10 x partial body massage (30 min.);

Your individually prescribed natural medication is administered daily as dietary supplements;

Instructed smooth yoga lesson in the morning (approx. 50 minutes);

Two times a week mantra-singing;

Two times a week you have the opportunity to join guided meditation, for an extra fee;

Lecture events about Ayurveda once a week

plus accommodation and ayurvedic full-board in Hotel Fontana.

Arrival and departure are possible at any day of the week, as well as an extension of your residence. Daily rate (at least 150 minutes treatment time) up to 7 days € 189,- from the 8th day € 179,-

Billing for medical and therapeutic services according to GOÄ is possible for private insured persons. We issue a certificate for the aid authority, as an additional offer for civil servants.



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