As the only Ayurveda center in Germany and even throughout Europe, we operate our Center for Authentic Ayurvedic Medicine in Bad Bocklet under the name, concept and medical direction of the traditional Vaidja family Madukkakuzhy from Kerala. Here in northern Bavaria, the management is in the hands of Ayurveda-Specialist Jibin C. Manjila – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) – in good collegial cooperation with Dr. Winfried Breitenbach, German physician for intern medicine, who leads the additional title naturopathy; The center is located as a separate company in the elegant 4 **** Hotel Kunzmann’s in Bad Bocklet with delicious Ayurvedic cuisine.

We are the only company under the same name – for 8 generations !!! Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda – and the same concept of this traditional Vaidya family operates two Ayurvedic centers in Kerala, India and in Germany, Bad Bocklet.


Our unique selling points:

  • We are the only company operating under the same brand “Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda” since 8 generations in Parathodu, Kanjirappally Kerala and since almost 5 years running an high class medical Ayurveda centre in Germany Bad Bocklet and since two years a second centre in Kerala, “Lake and mountains” near Thodupuzha, Idukki district.
  • We are the only centre in Germany which can provide a bill for private insured people what is accepted by the insurance companies.
  • Every morning at 7.30 o clock we offer one hour of yoga exercises by a trained yoga instructor followed by daily consultation by the Indian doctor, followed by breakfast and later on by daily one-hour-full-body-treatment and afternoon by a partial body treatment of half an hour.
  • In our centre we offer daily arrival or departure – according to your personal preference. Also the duration of stay is up to you, our packages are just suggestions. We work 363 days per year, even every Saturday and Sunday, only on Christmas Day and Easter we are on leave.
  • Our partner Kunzmanns Hotel has two well trained Ayurveda chefs who enjoy offering delicious ayurvedic food to you.


Our managing director:

Founder, owner and managing director of the German branch is health economist Ebba-Karina Sander -MBA- who was most recently managing director of the district hospital in Bad Neustadt and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.


Trained Indian therapists:

Six lovely Indian therapists from the parent company, who each work for two years in Germany, as well as four female employees in the office and three to four yoga teachers complete the team.


How it all started:

It all started with Dr. Mary Josephine Kalapurackal from Kerala in South India, the 1960’s! At the tender age of 20, she had been sent to medical school as a gifted novice by her order to Würzburg. For three weeks, the four young women were on the road, with the ship through the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean to Genoa and from there another two days by train to Würzburg. During the regular study period (!) She graduated in medical studies with “Summa cum laude” and wrote her doctoral thesis in German and with a typewriter … after a specialist training as a gynecologist she returned to her homeland after a total of 14 years back to India and worked for her For the rest of her life – until today – as a doctor at hospitals and now in the outpatient palliative care of oncological patients.

At the end of her regular working hours at the age of 65, she requested her return to her second home, Germany, to attend a palliative care course. She was granted permission to travel to Schweinfurt in 2006 to complete the three-month course at the St. Joseph’s Hospital palliative care unit. She accompanied her nephew. Jobin, the youngest son of her younger sister Molly, who according to his family tradition was a young Ayurvedic doctor. The two had a special relationship, as she had supported her sister at birth and had given birth to him, dr. Jobin always calls it “I was born into her hands …”

In 2006, Ebba-Karina Sander – later founder and CEO of the Ayurveda Center in Bad Bocklet – was following a breast cancer illness for irradiation in Schweinfurt and so crossed the paths, in the literal sense of a “moment” was enough, a timid presented Card with reference to the Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala and she agreed to come to India for follow-up treatment. It was a truly fateful encounter. Said, done, applied for a passport and 3 months later she was in the tangle of Indian traffic flows in Kochi and was on the way to Parathodu in the parent house of the traditional Ayurvedic family Madukkakuzhy. Five weeks of intensive treatment followed, in a foreign country alone, no other guests, no television, no reading material,

Loving acceptance into the family helped for many a dark hour; Annually, she repeated the spa stays to further strengthen and strengthen her health, and thus developed a deep friendship and attachment to this family in this distant land.

After about eight years, it became clear that there are quite a few people who need this special treatment, but because of lack of language skills or fear of flying, etc. do not want to do the long journey to India. Thus, health economist Ebba-Karina Sander -MBA- developed the plan to build a branch here in the middle of Germany, and the meditative small state bath Bad Bocklet with his agile mayor Wolfgang Back offered the perfect conditions. He left us too early in the spring of 2018 forever. His successor in office, Mayor Andreas Sandwall supports this unique feature in the Bavarian Rhön to his best. Bgm. Back paved the way for Indian doctors and therapists and so we are the only center in Germany, which employs not only an Indian doctor but also Indian therapists from the parent company. Reliable, well-educated people, who each work for two years in Germany, and save their money here, in order to then build at home with their families, either a small house or a small existence.


Our team composition:

Almost all of our team is Catholic like most Christians in Kerala. The apostle Thomas stopped in 52nd AD on his journey from Jerusalem on the Silk Road in South India to replenish supplies. He liked it so much that he stayed and to this day the Catholics call themselves “Thomas Christians”.

Currently we have 2 very well-trained doctors and 6 lovely therapists from India with us in Bad Bocklet, together with our friendly office team and the yoga teachers, there are now 14 people who work for us and who we pursue with a lot of heart and passion.


Duration of stay of our patients:

Each guest or patient can choose the length of stay , every day in the week on and off, stay in the hotel or live in a nice apartment and come to outpatient treatments to us. However, then the essential building block in Ayurvedic therapy, the diet is missing.

Ayurveda Overall Brochure 2018