What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda - Wisdom Of Fulfilled Life

Ayurveda has been the traditional Indian medical system for over 5,000 years and continues to provide primary care to more than 1.3 billion people on the Indian subcontinent. It looks at the human being as a whole in terms of his physical and mental constitution and social environment. The WHO recognizes Ayurveda as a naturopathic treatment. A stay in the Ayurveda Center of the Bavarian State Bath Bad Bocklet or in the centers of the family Madukkakuzhy in Kerala, India helps to calm down physically and mentally, to readjust and to achieve sustainable regeneration and healing.

Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are siblings from the root of the Vedic sciences, which have been used for millennia to heal the body and to strengthen the mindfulness and to clarify the consciousness. While Ayurveda cares more about the physical dimension of man, yoga strengthens both the body and the mind, and meditation clears and structures the consciousness. In practice, they complement each other. In yoga, the focus is on the self-activity of humans, which is strengthened by physical exercises (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). The practitioner develops a power to guide his consciousness. In conjunction with meditation, he learns to calm his shimmering mind and let go of thoughts, so that he can maintain an inner order and clarity within the different life situations. There are countless forms of meditation, from dynamic or dance meditation to sitting quietly in front of a white wall. Everyone can find the form that suits them. Both Ayurveda and Yoga see our consciousness as the primary force of life, controlling everything and deciding how we shape our lives. Our daily yoga classes are conducted by qualified yoga teachers.