Ayurveda… trying-out Package

1 Treatment Day / 200,- Euro

For curious and interested ones, as well as for complete Ayurveda-beginners, we created this trying-out package. Experience the beneficial and healing impact of traditional Ayurveda. The package includes the holistic diagnosis by an experienced Ayurveda-specialist and furthermore manual therapy and yoga.

  • 1 Ayurvedic diagnosis, type determination, personal health questionnaire with recommendation of individual therapies, type-specific diet and lifestyle change
  • 1 x full-body synchronized treatment according to the Ayurveda-specialist’s advice (approx. 50 min.)
  • 1 x partial body massage (approx. 30 min.);
  • Dayly yoga* lessons, on your day of arrival and departure.

Ayurveda… trying-out package € 200,-, plus accommodation and ayurvedic full-board in Hotel Fontana.

* Additional booking of single yoga lessons for your personal health support, adapted to your individual state of health.

* Additional booking of guided meditation.

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